The CDAA is proud to be a member of the Organization for Health Action (known as HEAL), which is comprised of national health sector associations.  HEAL is a non-partisan coalition of over 40 national health organizations dedicated to improving the health of Canadians and the quality of care they receive. Created in 1991, HEAL now represents more than 650,000 providers (and consumers) of health care.  For the first time in its history, CDAA has been accepted as a member of HEAL, bringing forward the perspective of dental assistants on the issues facing the health care sector.  In addition, CDAA’s Executive Director is a member of the HEAL Covid-19 Sub Task Force.
HEAL member associations have been asked to share the links to the survey (below) with our members to them to participate in the study, as appropriate.  The CDAA encourages you to share this survey callout with your membership.
MacDonald Franklin OSI Research Centre Online Survey
The MacDonald Franklin Operational Stress Injury Research Centre is conducting a longitudinal study to examine moral distress and well-being in health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this research is to document moral-ethical experiences at the personal, professional, and organizational level, associated moral distress and well-being, and overall health care delivery experiences in the wake of COVID-19. They expect that their findings can be used to optimize the well-being of health care workers and minimize moral distress in future crises like the current COVID-19 pandemic and to guide policies.
Participation in this study is entirely voluntary and your members’ responses will remain confidential. This is an academic research study and their decision on whether or not to participate will not impact their employment status in any way. This project is in partnership with the Centre of Excellence on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Related Mental Health Conditions. The focus of the Centre of Excellence is to create knowledge networks across Canada in order to increase expertise and create the best possible supports and services for Veterans, First Responders, and their families.
Survey Link:
“If you are a health care worker, we invite you to participate in an online study exploring moral-ethical challenges encountered at work and your well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. For inquiries, email: