Posted by CDAA on Nov 04, 2020
I recently participated in a webinar offered in partnership by the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Royal Bank of Canada which focused on “Your Organization’s Mental Health: From Top to Bottom – Part One: A Healthy Leader”
While some of the information is Ontario-centric, much of the information contained in the presentation I felt was quite useful, very practical in nature and applicable across all professional contexts.  The CMHA and RBC has granted permission for me to share this information with you so that you can provide assistance to your members. 
In addition, RBC and CMHA will partner again on  November 4, 2020 to offer the second part to their series.  This webinar will take place at 10am and 7pm EST – it is free to register
This second presentation:  “A Healthy Team”  Will discuss what is healthy communication styles, way to create healthy workplaces and how to implement mental health accommodations.  In addition, it will provide tools to identify when an employee or colleague may be experiencing mental distress, how to direct them to appropriate care and provide free resources to employers and employees.  If members of your respective Boards would like to participate in the upcoming session please register at: 
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Stephanie Mullen-Kavanagh
Executive Director - Directrice générale
Canadian Dental Assistants Association