Posted by CDAA on Dec 10, 2020
As workers navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on workers, employees are facing a host of new issues related to human resources, conditions of employment and privacy.  Recently, the CDAA representatives participated in two virtual meetings that examined these issues: the first was with our malpractice insurance partner, PROLINK and the second was during the RBC Annual update for Not-for-Profit organizations.   A common theme out of these two meetings, was that employees across all industries are seeing a spike in privacy-related complaints and breaches resulting from the Covid-19 environment individuals are working in (Telework implications? Symptom disclosure? Where data is held and by who? Who has access to this data? Who can know of a positive test result in the workplace?, etc.)  and that the legal decisions/advice and precedent surrounding privacy and privacy breaches, is lagging behind what is taking place.  Essentially, what may not have been considered a privacy breach before Covid-19 may be considered one in today’s environment.  For this reason, to help dental assistants know what to do in the event that they are involved in a privacy breach situation, PROLINK, through the CDAA malpractice (professional liability) insurance program, offers dental assistants real time help and advise from experts at no cost to the dental assistant.
Working with PROLINK, CDAA has developed the attached material in both official languages.   You will see attached resources for your members that include an infographic document and material to use on your websites, and social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).   CDAA will also be posting this information to our website and social media platforms.
We hope this information and the resources provided through the CDAA malpractice insurance program will assist dental assistants to successfully navigate a privacy-related situation, should they find themselves in this type of situation.