Posted by Bernice Léger on Mar 08, 2021
It looks like we forgot to double the number of prizes this year.
In recognition of the dental assistants recognition week, 5 members from each local and 5 members provincially will receive a $25 gift.
Mikayla Longstaff, Julie Couturier, Shandra Konkin, Véronique Blouin-Lepage, Rosalind Wilson
Serenity Blanchard, Sydney Duclos, Rachelle Frenette, Mélissa St-Amand, Chelsey Chase
Moncton local
Heather Melvin, Ashoani Augustine, Kayla Wright, Kerrigan Brown, Brooke Armstrong
Eleanor Berger, Monique Corneau, Hanna Savoy, Lana Weaver, Sylvie Hébert
Fredericton local
Michelle Curran, Amanda Boone, Laura Hallihan, Ashley George, Wendy LeRoux
Kelly Doucette, Sandra Kerr, Treena Hetherington, Alisha McLean, Christine Good
Saint John local
Sarah Walsh, Jenna Levesque, Mackenzie Lackie, Bobbi-Jo Hopey, Kathryn Flanagan
Amber Kelley-Martin, Erin Martin, Megan Voutour, Jo-Ann Selman, Sharman Lewis
North Shore local
Véronique O'Brien, Leanne Jardine, Alyson Moriorty, Sylvie Fortin-Bourque, Tanya Paulin
Cynthia Basque, Valerie Vienneau, Isabelle Bérubé, Helen Crawford, Ginette Hébert
Upper Saint-John River Valley
Ashley Saunders, Erika Gallant-Parise, Penny Boulay, Audrey Lamarche, Amy Ouellette
Meagan Inman, Josée Gagnon, Marybelle Raymond, Emily McLaughlin, Renée Mulherin
Congratulations to the winners and have a great week!